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Ramapo College of New Jersey now offers
Early Decision to its freshman applicants.

Early Decision is designed to provide students who feel very strongly that Ramapo College is their number one choice school the opportunity to be reviewed and admitted earlier than the regular decision applicant pool. Early Decision is open to freshmen applying to all majors and programs.

Students who are accepted via Early Decision must attend Ramapo College and withdraw their applications from other institutions.  Early Decision applicants are automatically reviewed for merit-based scholarship and are awarded need-based financial aid in the same manner as regular decision applicants.

Students who wish to apply Early Decision
must apply by November 1st.

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All credentials and supporting documents (transcript(s), standardized test scores, recommendation letters) must also be received by the Office of Admissions by November 1st. Students will be notified of their decision by December 5th.

Students who are not admitted Early Decision will automatically be remitted to the regular decision applicant pool and will be re-reviewed at a later time. Decision letters for regular decision will be sent by April 1st.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Early Decision?

Early Decision is an application process option that allows students to apply to a college earlier than the usual deadline and hear their decision much earlier than the regular applicant pool. It is binding, meaning students who are accepted via Early Decision are expected to enroll. Students may only apply Early Decision to one institution and must withdraw any other applications to other institutions if admitted to Ramapo via Early Decision.

Who should apply Early Decision?

If Ramapo College is your top choice school, you should apply Early Decision.

Why is Ramapo offering Early Decision?

Ramapo is offering Early Decision to give students with a strong interest in the college a chance to be admitted much earlier than usual. Early Decision applicants also have the opportunity to request an interview, thus allowing them to provide the Admissions Committee a more holistic view of their candidacy beyond what is available in traditional application materials.

What is the benefit of applying Early Decision?

The benefits of applying Early Decision include: receiving your decision before any other members of the freshman class; receiving additional consideration of your application due to the high level of interest displayed by applying Early Decision; being automatically reviewed for scholarships; finalizing your college plans early in your senior year.

Who can apply Early Decision?

All freshmen applicants can apply Early Decision, including EOF and International applicants. All majors are eligible.

How does Early Decision affect scholarships?

All Early Decision applicants will automatically be reviewed for scholarship. Applying Early Decision does NOT negatively impact scholarship awards. If students are awarded a scholarship, they will receive notification with their decision letter.

How does Early Decision affect financial aid?

Early Decision applicants should file their FAFSA as soon as possible after October 1.  Award Letters for Early Decision applicants will be sent as soon as possible.

What if a student applies Early Decision but isn’t admitted?

Students who apply but aren’t admitted via Early Decision will be automatically remitted to the general applicant pool, where they will be re-reviewed. Students will receive their final decision by April 1st. Students who receive notice that they were not accepted through Early Decision are able to apply to other institutions.

What is the deadline to apply for Early Decision? When will students receive their decision?

Students interested in Early Decision must apply by November 1st.  All application documents, known as credentials, should also be received by the Office of Admissions by November 1st. Credentials include high school transcript(s), SAT or ACT scores, and a letter of recommendation. EOF and International applicants have additional credentials and should refer to for clarification. Students will receive their decision by December 5th.

What if I am expecting a test score after the deadline, November 1st?

If you’re expecting a new or your first test score after November 1st, you may still apply Early Decision. You should have your test scores sent to us as soon as possible so we can try to get your decision sent by December 5th. Students whose test scores arrive well after the deadline will receive their decision as soon as possible, but likely after December 5th. These decisions would still be considered Early Decision unless otherwise noted.

Do students who apply Early Decision receive preferential treatment?

Students who apply Early Decision will be reviewed using the same criteria as students who apply regular decision. However, the high level of interest displayed by students applying Early Decision will be noted by the Admissions Committee. We anticipate clearly competitive students in the Early Decision applicant pool will be admitted at a slightly higher percentage than those in the regular decision pool.

How can I request an interview?

Students may request an interview by completing a brief form available here.