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Plant Studies

Website: School of Theoretical and Applied Science


Current as of June 2021

About the Minor

Agriculture is one of the largest industries in New Jersey. Leading NJ agriculture sectors include nursery and greenhouse plants ($444.8 million), fruits and vegetables ($462.9 million), and field crops ($31.6 million). This minor in Plant Studies prepares students for further study or career in the areas of food production, ornamental plant care, landscape design, sustainable agriculture (farm, nursery, garden, park, golf course, etc.) management, and plant science education.

Outcomes of the Minor

Goal 1. Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge on the biology of plants and the roles of plants in agriculture, society and the environment.

Outcome 1: Identify the features of plant structures involved in cellular respiration, photosynthesis, reproduction and growth.

Outcome 2: Describe how plants interact and contribute to their environment through plant water relations, carbon allocation, nutrient cycling, and biotic/abiotic adaptations.

Goal 2. Communicate effectively in oral and written formats on scientific findings of plants.

Outcome 1: Be able to formulate testable hypotheses, design experiments, gather and present the data.

Requirements of the Minor
  1. Students are required to take 5 courses (lecture and lab co-requisites count as one course) to complete this minor.
  2. At least half of the courses fulfilling a minor must be distinct from the student’s major. That is, three of the five courses  (lecture and lab co-requisites count as one course) required for a minor cannot be used towards fulfillment of major requirements. A School Core does not need to be completed for a minor. Minors are open to students regardless of school affiliation.
  3. Not all courses are offered each semester. Please check the current Schedule of Classes for semester course offerings.