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Eric Karlin

Eric KarlinProfessor of Plant Ecology

Year Joined RCNJ: 1979

Contact Information


  • B.A., Bard College
  • M.S., SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
  • Ph.D., University of Alberta (Canada)

Courses Offered:

  • Introduction to Environmental Science (ENSC 103)
  • General Ecology (BIOL 221)
  • Theoretical & Field Ecology — lec & lab (ENSC 220 & 220L)
  • Field Botany: Angiosperms (BIOL 320)
  • Advanced Topics in Environmental Science (ENSC 495)

Recent Publications:

Karlin, E. F., S. C. Robinson, & P. E. Smouse. 2020. Genetic diversity within and across gametophytic ploidy levels in a Sphagnum cryptic species complex. Australian Journal of Botany 68: 49 – 62.

Karlin, E. F. & P. E. Smouse. 2019. Holantarctic diversity varies widely among genetic loci within the gametophytically allotriploid peat moss Sphagnum ×falcatulum. American Journal of Botany 106: 137–144.

Karlin, E. F., S. C. Robinson, K. Hassel & K. I. Flatberg. 2018. Genetic analysis of four Île Amsterdam Sphagna: high morphological divergence within Sphagnum subgenus Subsecunda. Journal of Bryology 40: 107–119.

Karlin, E. F. & P. E. Smouse. 2017. Allo-allo-triploid Sphagnum ×falcatulum: single individuals contain most of the Holantarctic diversity for ancestrally indicative markers. Annals of Botany 120: 221–231.
Special Issue: Polyploidy in Ecology and Evolution

Karlin, E. F. & S. C. Robinson. 2017. Update on the Holantarctic Sphagnum ×falcatulum s.l. (Sphagnaceae) complex: S. irritans is associated with the allo-diploid plants. Journal of Bryology 39: 8–15.

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