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Ramapo College Logo

It is essential that the Ramapo College logo be utilized appropriately on all Ramapo College visual communications. You will find important information regarding the proper usage of the Ramapo College logo. The College logos are not to be adjusted or modified in any way.


Primary Logo

The Ramapo College logo is comprised of two components; the Arch and the wordmark. The combination of the Arch and the wordmark creates the primary versions of the logo. The two elements should not be separated unless in pre-approved instances and should be used for the majority of the College’s communications needs.

Primary Logo showing the arch symbol with the wordmark for Ramapo College

Primary Logo Configuration Options:

There are three configurations: basic, big arch and vertical. Basic is the most preferred configuration for College communications.

Most Preferred Option

RCNJ Logo Basic example

RCNJ Logo Big Arch example

RCNJ Vertical logo example


How to Properly Use the Logo

Clear Space

When reproducing the logo, it is essential to observe the clear space requirements, leaving space equivalent to the width of one abutment of the Arch symbol on all sides of the logo as a guide.

RCNJ logo clear space example


Logo acceptable clear space use



Logo unacceptable clear space use

Unacceptable Usage Examples

Unacceptable Usage

The following examples represent unacceptable uses of the Ramapo College logo.

Unacceptable Logo Usage Examples

Logo on Different Backgrounds

The logo must always be clear and legible. The logo may be used on a background, but must be placed in an area that will not overpower or conceal the logo. The logo should not be applied to a background that is so busy that it detracts from the legibility and strength of the logo. Please contact the Office of Marketing and Communications for any further questions about usage.

Ramapo logo on backgrounds that work and that do not work.


Informal Logo

The informal versions of the logo combine the Arch and wordmark without the “OF NEW JERSEY” line. This combination should be used in unofficial applications that do not require the full name, such as accessories, social media applications, apparel, etc. These versions may also be utilized in applications where the “OF NEW JERSEY” may not be legible due to size or production process.

Informal Logo Configuration Options:

Most Preferred Option

RCNJ Basic Informal logo

RCNJ Big Arch logo informal

RCNJ logo Vertical Informal

Banner Versions:

These two banner versions of the logo are considered informal versions of the logo and should be used in applications where there are vertical space restrictions. This logotype is intended for extremely horizontal situations including banners, web applications, pens, etc.

RCNJ Banner Logo Arch Centered


RCNJ Banner Logo Arch Left