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Privacy Statement

Under the provisions of the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 as Amended (also known as the Buckley Amendment) you are entitled to have access to student’s “educational records” under the provision that you have a “legitimate educational need to know”. This responsibility is afforded to you as a faculty/staff member in association with your professional responsibilities. Ramapo College of New Jersey has a published policy on Directory Information which may only be released by the Registrar’s Office under the appropriate conditions. You may not release any information about a student. Privacy is not a matter of etiquette, but a matter of law. Please refer any inquiries to the Registrar’s Office.

Under the provision of “educational interest” you may be granted access to various forms of student information, which are your responsibility to protect. Of particular concern is electronic access. The Web for Faculty/Advisors provides you with a facility to view your advisees records and the names and demographic information of students enrolled in your classes. You may not under any circumstances disclose this information to others and should refer any such inquiries to the Registrar’s Office. A warning: students, NOT parents or anyone else on or off campus (unless specific information is provided to Registrar) are the only ones with whom these records may be shared.

By accepting access to the electronic systems of the College you are bound to uphold the provisions of FERPA.

Registrar Policies