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Scott Frees

Ramapo Success Story

“I’ve had a fantastic experience at Ramapo. The collaboration among faculty in many disciplines is a unique experience and has allowed me to expand my research interests and take on new and exciting projects. Ramapo’s focus on liberal arts and interdisciplinary work is exceptional, especially for someone working in the computer science field. The collaborations between students and faculty from other disciplines also serve our students well, as they learn how to relate and apply their computer programming skills to problems outside their main areas of interest.

I have worked with dozens of undergraduate students on research projects in bioinformatics, virtual reality and web development. These students have been major contributors in these projects, have co-authored top tier journal publications with myself and my collaborators, and have presented their work at several local and regional conferences and symposiums. Recently, work done by a team of three undergraduates, myself and Dr. Paramjeet Bagga was presented at RNA Society 2016 meeting in Kyoto Japan.”

– Scott Frees is a Professor of Computer Science and first joined Ramapo in 2006. For more information, please visit Scott’s Faculty Page.

Recent Publications

Frees, S. (2015) “A place for Node.js in the Computer Science Curriculum”. Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges. Volume 30, Issue 3. pp 84-91

Frees, S., Menendez, C*, Crum, M*., and Bagga, P. (2014) “QGRS-Conserve: a computational method for discovering evolutionarily conserved G-quadruplex motifs. Human Genomics. Vol 8 Issues 8

Auteri, C*., Guerra, M*., Frees, S. (2013) “Increasing Precision for Extended Reach 3D Manipulation”. International Journal of Virtual Reality, Vol 12 (1), July. pp. 66-73

Menendez, C.*, Frees, S., and Bagga, P. (2012) “QGRS-H Predictor: A Web Server for Predicting Homologous Quadruplex forming G-Rich Sequence Motifs in Nucleotide Sequences”. Nucleic Acids Research, Oxford University Press

Frees, S.; Lancellotti*, D; (2011) “Workspace-Driven, Blended Orbital Viewing in Immersive Virtual Environments”. Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6773 Part I 2011, pp. 185-193

*denotes an undergraduate student who assisted with the research and was made a co-author.

Awards and Accomplishments

2015 College’s Fred and Florence Thomases Award
2009 National Science Foundation grant ($98,780) which funded the creation of virtual reality lab at Ramapo and allowed Scott and dozens of students to further research on modeling and exploiting interaction context in 3D UI.


Ph.D Computer Science, Lehigh University 2006
MS Computer Science, Lehigh University 2003
BS Computer Engineering, Lehigh University 2001

Classes Known For

Introduction to Computer Science
Data Structures and Algorithms
Operating Systems
Web Application Development
Database Design