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Gregory Bukwoski

Ramapo Success Story

“I spent the fall of 2012 in Australia studying rainforest, reef and cultural ecology. Most of my time was spent in Cairns in Far North Queensland. My program took me to various rainforests in the area where I saw a multitude of amazing creatures and vegetation. I went on a camping trip for the first time with my group where I learned a lot about Australia Aborigine culture and their legends. We even painted our own boomerangs and learned how to throw them. Amazing wildlife can be seen on the Great Barrier Reef. While snorkeling, I ran into a cuttlefish, swam with a sea turtle, and chased reef sharks around the coral. The last month of my program was my Independent Study Project. Never in my life had I been so challenged. Not only did I have to find my project, but I had to find my own housing in Sydney while I was still in Cairns. While in Sydney, I collected samples from the Sydney Harbour and its tributaries and ran water quality tests on the samples. My time abroad was the best experience I have ever had.” – Gregory Bukwoski ’14 graduated with degrees in Chemistry and International Studies and a minor in International Business.

SIT – Rainforest, Reef and Cultural Ecology – Cairns, Australia