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Constance Crawford

“I cannot imagine any other life than the current one I have… I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to engage with so many amazing people throughout my tenure at Ramapo College.

As a faculty member in the Anisfield School of Business, I am on a magical and profoundly rewarding journey, and I have had the privilege of helping to guide young students as they begin their own life journeys. It’s been a wonderful experience interacting with thoughtful and amazing colleagues.

As the Director of the MSAC Program, I provide my students with on-going assistance as they begin their graduate studies and launch their accounting careers. I have so many students reach out to me and thank me for the guidance and support I have provided. I strive to treat each student that I have an opportunity to interact with individually…my door is always open as I attempt to provide support and guidance. I have spearheaded our newly formed Beta Alpha Psi Chapter at Ramapo and have worked closely with my fellow ASB faculty members in providing a complete and rewarding academic experience to all who attend our various programs.”

Constance Crawford is a Professor of Accounting and first joined Ramapo in 1992. For more information, please visit Constance’s Faculty Profile.

Anisfield School of Business

Recent Publications

Journal of Applied Business and Economics: “Are State and Local Property Taxes Akin to Charitable Contributions…An Analysis of an Inequitable Limitation..” 2019
Journal of Accounting and Finance: “Role of Earnings Stripping as an Elaborate Tool to Avoid Corporate Income Taxes…Should Congress Impose an Exit Tax to Thwart the Tax Avoidance Scheme..?” 2017
Journal of Leadership, Accountability and Ethics: “The Earned Income Tax Credit on Its’ 40th Anniversary- The Most Successful Anti-Poverty Program in United States History..” 2017
Journal of Public and Municipal Finance: “Corporate Inversions: Are They Tax Avoidance Schemes or a Reaction to an Unfair Tax System?” 2015
International Research Journal of Applied Science: “Is Cheating Gender Oriented? A Study on the Correlation Between Demographic Characteristics and Cheating in College.” 2014
The CPA Journal: “The 2014 Individual Tax Landscape” 2014

Awards and Accomplishments

Appointed Director of the MSAC Program at Ramapo College


B.S., Accounting, Fordham University
MBA, Taxation, Iona College
Certified Public Accountant

Classes Known For

Advanced Financial Accounting
Principles of Financial Accounting

Financial Statement Analysis
Research Topics and Contemporary Issues in Accounting