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Christen Harm

Ramapo Success Story

“Ramapo had a monumental effect on the life that I have led since graduation. I have worked as a technical writer for a pharmaceutical company, an assistant editor for a small trade publisher (two publications focusing on aerosols and indoor comfort) and am currently in a position as an associate editor for a pharmaceutical publication under UBM’s Life Sciences group. I also work as a freelance editor. Next year I plan to begin my studies for a master’s degree in journalism.

The drive that I developed while at Ramapo has absolutely followed me to today. The course, Grammar: Theory & Pedagogy, really solidified my love for linguistics and sentence structure. And since then, I have worked hard to reach for and grab opportunities that would land me in an editorial role, always wanting to have worked in publishing, and continue to work my way up the ladder into higher editorial positions. I think my favorite class overall was my senior seminar about everyday life which was both enlightening and enjoyable. The diverse range of classes offered at Ramapo was helpful and made the experience a lot of fun.

I studied abroad, and I would recommend it to every student. It is a great opportunity, plus when else will you have months to study another culture, travel the world and meet a host of diverse personalities? I feel my study abroad experience really shaped me as a person and allowed me to learn so much, in and out of a classroom. I made amazing friends, who live all over the world, while studying and living in London, many of whom I am still in contact with today. I have since made it a point to travel every year to somewhere new. I had wanted to live in London since I was in middle school, and Ramapo made that happen.” – Christen Harm ’13 graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Literature.

ISA London, England: Courses with Locals in Multiple Disciplines at Kingston University