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Success Stories

Bryanne McMillen

“Through my studies at Ramapo, I gained a wide range of knowledge and skills needed for different areas of graphic design. Because of the small class sizes, I received important one-on-one feedback from my professors and peers that encouraged me to take my skills to the next level. After being an athlete my whole life, I knew that I needed to channel my energy towards new goals, and Ramapo provided that with academic organizations and scholarships. Participating in several clubs and on-campus organizations gave me the opportunity to take on leadership roles and volunteer in my spare time. Additionally, the atmosphere that Ramapo provided gave me the competitive edge to push me where I am today, and helped me reach my life-long goal of becoming a graphic designer. My experiences at Ramapo have made a positive impact on my character and have prepared me to take on more challenges in my career and life. ” – Bryanne McMillen ’15 graduated a semester early to begin her career at MRC Medical Communications as a graphic designer, where she interned for several semesters as a student. During her time there, she has worked on several teams that have been nationally recognized for marketing and creative excellence, such as the Telly Awards and the Aster Awards.