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Armando Lamberti

Armando Lamberti

Armando Lamberti is a writer, director, actor, composer and multi-instrumentalist from Roselle, New Jersey. He attended Ramapo College on a Provost Scholarship and graduated with Honors in 2013 after attaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Literature. Exhibition Day, Lamberti’s directorial debut, was first conceived four years ago in collaboration with Brian May, himself a 2011 Ramapo Literature graduate as well as the film’s star, producer, co-writer and editor.

Exhibition Day, a nano-budget experimental chamber drama about love, loss and the work of art, bridges the divide between the narrative and avant-garde sensibilities and heralds the arrival of a unique new auteur with a singular voice. Nevertheless, Exhibition Day is a film steeped in cinema history and replete with a surfeit of cinematic influences. Lamberti, for example, describes his film as Howard Hawks’ His Girl Friday meets Wong Kar-wai’s In the Mood for Love, as written by Eric Rohmer, directed by Yasujiro Ozu and edited by Jean-Luc Godard.

Exhibition Day is also the first film in Lamberti May’s burgeoning “The Cracked Mirror” tetralogy and is shortly to be followed by Trieste, a classical contemporary comedy about a strained mother-daughter relationship and the unorthodox high school guidance counselor who attempts to broker peace between the two warring women.