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Ramapo in The Netherlands

Ramapo College in The NETHERLANDS

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Why the Netherlands?

Learn about the current issues and approaches to support refugees and migrants in the Netherlands.

Nothing looks better on your resume than the unique experience of living and learning in other global contexts.

Affordable. This program provides an incredible experience at a very affordable price, and there are scholarships available.

Ramapo College has been offering educational experiences to the Netherlands since 2022. Currently, we are offering the following program opportunities:

Academic Program

Global Clinical Social Work in Netherlands: Immigrant & Refugee Trauma & Social Justice


3 (graduate) Credits, 8 days

The program is designed to provide students of many disciplines the opportunity to participate in this program. All students will enroll in MSWK 690: Immigrant & Refugee Trauma & Social Justice.

Course Description:

This course will focus on the topic of trauma in the community of immigrants and refugees, and the meaning and implications of social justice as we consider the causes, experience, and consequences of human migration. The course will take place in the Netherlands where students will participate in multiple presentations and site visits to community, non-governmental, and governmental organizations. Throughout the course, social justice will serve as a lens through which we consider the nature of immigrant and refugee trauma, as well as a response to it that is consistent with the values of the Social Work profession. Students will be aided in comparing and contrasting their experience in the Netherlands with that of the current context in the United States.

In this course, the issue of immigrant and refugee trauma will be examined on three levels. On the local level, students will explore the biopsychosocial needs of immigrant and refugee communities in Amsterdam, and learn how Social Work and other humanitarian/human service organizations are striving to address those needs. On the national level, students will examine how the Netherlands has dealt with the influx of immigrant and refugee populations, as well as the national policies and programs that have been enacted or implemented to respond to the needs of these individuals, families, and communities. On the global level, students will visit The Hague to learn about programs and processes that are being implemented through the International Court of Justice to address the causes and consequences of refugee movement, in addition to efforts that are being made to advance the cause of peace and justice on an international level.

Field Excursions

ICCThe program will include the following field excursions, to both complement the academic course, as well as provide insights into the culture and context of the Netherlands, and the region:

  • Guided canal tour of Amsterdam, let by immigrants or former refugees
  • Visit to the Resistance Museum and Anne Frank House Museum
  • Learn about efforts to integrate refuges from the Refugee Company
  • Spend time with undocumented migrants working to create a supportive community at Worldhouse
  • Speak with Dutch Leaders at the Municipality of Amsterdam
  • Guest lecture by renowned researcher in Psycho-traumatology
  • Guest lecture on Race issues in the Netherlands & Dutch Migration Policies
  • Listen to personal stories of immigrants and refugees
  • Interact with Dutch journalist covering the European refugee crisis
  • Visit the International Criminal Court in the Hague
  • Engage with young people dedicated to peace and justice at the Hague Peace Projects


Students will reside in centrally-located hotels. All breakfasts are included, as well as some additional meals.

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