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Ramapo in China

Ramapo College in CHINA

Why China?

Program options provide opportunities to gain an understanding into the business environment of China, and how culture is an integral component.

Nothing looks better on your resume than the unique experience of living and learning in other global contexts.

Scholarships available.

Ramapo College has been operating study abroad programs in China since 2002. Currently, we are offering the following program opportunities:

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Academic Program

UPS China4 Credits, 8 days

The program is designed to provide students with an interest in business, the opportunity to participate in this program. All students will enroll in IBUS322: China International Business Experience.

Course Description:

The objective of this study abroad program is to introduce students to fundamental aspects of the business environment & China. This course offers a comprehensive overview of the economic and political environmental in China as well as an introduction to Chinese civilization, society & culture.
This program fulfills international experience requirement of the international business major and minor as well as the international studies major.

Students will reside and visit two main locations: Shanghai and Beijing, two major cities on China’s coastline. In each location, visits and guest lectures will allow the students to get first-hand contact and converse with members of the local and international business communities, officials, as well as Chinese students and academics.

Students will appreciate the specificity of the economic, social, cultural and political environment of China. Students will understand how China’s recent economic and political history has shaped its society and current business environment for domestic and foreign firms; how foreign multinationals can negotiate in this difficult environment; as well as the opportunities and challenges for foreign firms in selected Chinese service and technology-intensive industries.

Field Excursions

China GroupThe program will include the following field excursions, to both complement the academic course, as well as provide insights into the culture and context of China:

  • Meet with Managing Director of an Foreign Investment Firm
  • Learn about gender norms in Chinese business environment
  • Visit a technology-focused incubator
  • Observe issues of intellectual property in a local market
  • Learn about the Chinese perspective in human resource management
  • Learn about the business development process in China
  • Explore the differences between public and private business environments
  • Explore the Chinese food industry
  • Learn about US-China trade relations
  • Visit to a local elementary school
  • Visit the Great Wall of China
  • Visit the Olympic Village
  • Visit to Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven


Students will reside in hotels in both Beijing and Shanghai.Breakfast is provided daily. Laundry service is available (at a fee) and wi-fi is generally available at all times.

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Great Wall