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Spanish Language Studies

How does studying abroad fit with this major?

The Spanish Language Studies major at Ramapo College will provide students with the skills needed to communicate efficiently and confidently in Spanish, at the same time that it will give them a solid background in the history, cultures, and literatures of the Hispanic world. A great way to immerse yourself into your studies would be to take courses abroad. With the knowledge you gain at studying in a country whose native language is Spanish you will be able to gain new insights into your studies when you return to Ramapo College.

Featured Programs

Ramapo College of New Jersey

“PERU: Community Health & Human Services”

4 credit, Summer Program

This study abroad course (SPAN 325) in Peru provides students with the opportunity of engaging in hands-on field work in community medicine, while using their language skills and cultural competence. The emphasis in community medicine is on the early diagnosis of disease, the recognition of environmental and occupational hazards to good health, and the prevention of disease in the community. To this end, the course provides comprehensive health services ranging from preventive to rehabilitative services.

While in Lima, students will work with the guidance of a local placement advisor in the field for 25 hours a week and attend lectures for 20 hours in a four-week program. Ramapo faculty will, first, accompany students on these lectures and field hours and then meet with students to help them dissect the medical vocabulary and cultural contexts used in the local settings though lectures and class discussions. Students are required to take SPAN 202: Intermediate II or equivalent proficiency before this study abroad course, as a prerequisite.

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Other Approved Programs

There are a variety of other approved program options available to students who major in Spanish Language Studies. Click on the link below for a list of these options: