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How does studying abroad fit with this major?

Studying abroad is just about the best real-life sociology education any students could get. Planting yourself in an entirely different social context fraught with new cultural customs, linguistic barriers, and foreign patterns of interaction will help you develop a much more penetrating view of the field which is by definition the study of society. What better way to understand societal differences and social issues than my experiencing life in a new place?

The Sociology major focuses greatly on examining the origins, development, and everyday manifestations of social behaviors. In taking sociology courses abroad students will learn not to take any social phenomena for granted and will experience just how influential social forces and cultural contexts can be in building societies around the world. Studying abroad will gives students access to new approaches to the field of sociology, they will be able to adapt to life in a new home and beyond. Studying abroad will take learning far beyond the most traditional academic experience in any classroom.

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Other Approved Programs

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