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How does studying abroad fit with this major?

Psychology is a broad discipline with many specializations and applications; although, at its core it is study of human beings and how we interact with our environments. Studying psychology abroad will give you profound new insight into how different cultural norms can influence societies and the individuals who compose them, elevating your perceptiveness both in and outside the classroom.

Psychology is an increasingly popular field of study all over the world, as universities continue to research different ways of how to tackle the behavioral demands of the 21st century. For those who are pursuing psychology out of theoretical or supplemental interest, traveling the world can be the perfect complement to academic studies. Those who are serious about psychology and want to enter into the clinical or academic profession can likewise benefit from experiencing a new approach to the subject within a different university and cultural setting.

Featured Programs


Summer, Semester & Academic Year options

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, programs are available for a variety of disciplines. We recommend the following for Psychology majors or minors:

  • Child Development & Diversity (Fall, Spring, Academic Year)
    • Adolescence in Europe (internship option)
    • Children and Youth in Europe (internship option)
    • Child Development in Scandinavia (internship option)
    • Children in a Multicultural Context (internship option)
  • Neuroscience (Fall, Spring, Academic Year)
  • Psychology (Fall, Spring, Academic Year)
    • Cognitive Neuroscience of Consciousness
    • Cross-Cultural Psychology
    • European Clinical Psychology
    • Positive Psychology

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Scholarships are available

Other Approved Programs

There are a variety of other approved program options available to students who major and minor in Psychology. Click on the link below for a list of these options:


Student Testimonials

(on the left) Trying on traditional clothes


The study abroad program I embarked on – Japan & South Korea: Exploring the Harmony of Traditional and Modern Societies, Summer 2018 – influenced my learning in so many ways. Studying abroad gave me a wider cultural perspective, and showed me how being socialized in different cultures can make societies function so much differently. Contrarily, it showed me as well how in spite of being socialized differently, ultimately, people are all people, no matter where in the world they live.” (Serene Rahman, Psychology Major, Class of 2021)