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English and Literary Studies

How does studying abroad fit with this major?

English and Literary Studies students read literature as an aesthetic endeavor, cultural critique, and personal search. Through the study of literature, they develop critical thinking, reading, research, oral communication, and writing skills. Students become enlightened and critical citizens of the world.

Studying English and Literary Studies abroad gives students the opportunity to create their own literary adventure in the real world as well as shape their literary perspective. English and Literary Studies itself is a worldly subject. Studying it abroad can help students gain deeper through studying the works of great authors in a different setting.  Students also gain growth and personal experience when given the opportunity to elevate their literary perceptiveness on a personal, academic, and professional level. Pursuing a greater literacy understanding, within the context of a study abroad experience, will change English and Literary Studies students’ view of the subject entirely.

Featured Programs

Ramapo College of New Jersey

“CANADA: The Worlds of Montreal & Quebec”

2 credit, Global Field Experience, Spring Break Program

As Sherry Simon says, in Montreal, “it’s impossible not to be involved in the language puzzles that the city constantly throws your way” (xv). Best known for its francophone elements, Montreal is truly one city with many cultures, including those of many immigrant groups who continue arriving and establishing their own distinctive neighborhoods. This program (INTL 130) will introduce students to multiple neighborhoods in Montreal, and to some of the city’s history and culture. The Pointe-à-Callière Museum literally exposes some of the city’s subterranean past, while other historical sites such as the Château Ramezay and the Basilique Notre-Dame illustrate particular achievements of construction and/ or aspects of daily life. We may also add other locations, and a cultural event (such as a play or dance performance). In keeping with the course’s focus on the environment, we will also visit the Biosphere and the Biodome.

Program Website (Information & Application)

Scholarships are available

Ramapo College of New Jersey

“IRELAND: The Stor(ies) of Ireland”

4 credit, Summer Program

Literary and cinematic works will be drawn from the long tradition of Irish poetry, fiction, and drama. Students will also explore the cinematic output of Ireland. The course and international experience will examine the use of narrative as a medium to share the Irish experience, both in Ireland and the United States. Students will explore the inspirations, contexts and spaces storytellers used in the development of their narrative works. Students develop critical skills necessary to explore literary narratives. The course (LITR 210) content will be delivered by scholars both from Ireland and the United States.

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Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge, England)

International Exchange Program – Fall or Spring Semester, or Academic Year options

Anglia Ruskin University partnered with Ramapo College in 2012 to offer exchange opportunities. They have four primary tracks in literature: English LiteratureDrama & English Literature, Philosophy & English Literature, and Writing & English Literature . Faculty from both institutions have mapped the relevant courses to ensure students both maximize their experiences abroad, as well as keep on track towards their degree completion. View the course equivalency guide at the website below for more details on how your courses will count towards your Ramapo degree.

Program Website (Information & Application)

Scholarships are available

Student Testimonials & Videos

My study abroad experience changed my life, teaching me not only valuable course information, but also great life skills such as intercultural communication, independence and creative problem solving.

Brendan Flanagan, ’12

I spent an amazing semester at the Universidad de Deusto in Bilbao, Spain, in the fall of 2014, and had an internship with UNESCO Extea. I lived with a host family and they made me feel like one of their own and allowed me to merge into all aspects of the culture of both the Spaniard and Basque country.

Monica Cuello, ’16

“I was immersed in the Irish literary greats, such as Yeats and Joyce. In addition to the classroom knowledge which study abroad awarded me, going to Ireland also gave me the opportunity to experience the Irish landscapes and culture which have been chronicled throughout literature and art for centuries…The lessons that I learned during that program have carried over into my personal life as well as my career. As a high school teacher now, I often share my fond memories of my time at the University of Limerick with my own students in the hope that one day they, too, can connect their educational lessons with their worldly experiences.”

Maura Schwartz, ’10

Approved Programs

There are a variety of other approved program options available to students who major in English and Literary Studies. Click on the link below for a list of these options:

Approved Study Abroad Programs in English and Literary Studies