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Communication Arts

How does studying abroad fit with this major?

Communications is an incredibly wide ranging discipline that incorporates concepts from nearly all areas of the humanities and social sciences, not to mention journalism and business. At its core, communications is the study of how human beings interact and communicate information effectively. In the rapidly globalizing world of today, cross cultural dialogue is becoming an increasingly important aspect of every professional field and sector of society. Studying communications abroad is your opportunity to greatly deepen your knowledge of the discipline while exposing yourself to all different forms of communications, social settings, and societal customs. The Communication Arts Major also has the following concentrations:

Digital Filmmaking: 

In our rapidly globalizing world, film is becoming the medium by which artists and creative individuals from all over the world continuously shape the capacity to reach a broadly spanning audience, which transcends cultural boundaries. Students of the Digital Filmmaking concentration pursue careers in film/television/web development, film production and post-production, as well as advertising, promotions, and other media campaigns. Wherever you study abroad, your vision and creativity is bound to be expanded by the places you take it. There is no greater way to enhance your education than by travel, so by bringing your passion for film into a new cultural perspective you will be providing yourself with a truly life changing opportunity.

Global Communications & Media: 

The Global Communication and Media concentration promotes an understanding of the history, theory and analysis of media and cinema both in the U.S. and internationally. Students studying abroad can develop an understanding of the structure and influence of many forms of media, including television, film, public campaigns, and advertising in a unique and alternative perspective than what they receive from Ramapo. Upon returning students can apply this knowledge to their coursework and projects in order to expand and improve their understanding and competence in the field.

Visual Communication Design: 

Visual Communication Design students develop the ability to think critically, conceptualize, develop ideas, and the transforming design theory into practice. Students studying abroad can build off of and expand their knowledge development, graphic design, design history, typography, print design, web design, animation design, motion graphics, and visual effects through hands on work and new perspectives from different teaching styles abroad.


The aim of the Writing Concentration is to prepare students to demonstrate good research, writing, editing and storytelling skills as a basis for exploring work in other media. Studying writing abroad will give students the chance to enhance their writing through engagement in a variety of cultural experiences.


Studying abroad with a journalism concentration will help you gain a broader global perspective. Your experiences will allow you to adapt to new environments, work fast-pace, and apply all that you have learned to your work.

Featured Programs


South India: Media, Culture & the Arts (Bangalore, India)

Faculty-Led Program – Spring Semester

Students register for 4 sequential courses (each worth 4 credits) for a total of 16 credits. Courses fulfill requirements in Communication and Contemporary Arts, Sociology, International Studies, and Environmental Studies majors, the Anthropology minor, and may apply to some General Education requirements as well. Course credit towards other majors is possible with permission. As a student you will “live your courses;” all of these courses include a wide range of experiential learning opportunities such as frequent trips to temples, markets, urban and rural projects, and cultural sites. Students will also view and respond to a series of Indian films.

Program Website (Information & Application)

Scholarships are available


Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge, England)

International Exchange Program – Fall or Spring Semester

Anglia Ruskin University partnered with Ramapo College in 2012 to offer exchange opportunities for students within the Digital Filmmaking program. Students can participate in the Film Studies program on Anglia Ruskin University’s Cambridge campus. Faculty from both institutions have mapped the relevant courses to ensure students both maximize their experiences abroad, as well as keep on track towards their degree completion. View the course equivalency guide at the website below for more details on how your courses will count towards your Ramapo degree.

Program Website (Information & Application)

Scholarships are available

Other Approved Programs

There are a variety of other approved program options available to students who major in Communication Arts. Click on the link below for a list of these options:


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