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Transfer Connection


Transfer Connection is an organization within the Center for Student Success designed to provide helpful and relevant resources for the transfer community at Ramapo College.  The Transfer Connection Student Coordinator works to create a monthly transfer newsletter that updates students on upcoming events, important academic information and gives advice relevant to the transfer population.  Additionally, Transfer Connection hosts monthly workshops in the Transfer Center & Veterans Lounge located in E211.

Transfer Connection is a great way to stay informed, utilize resources and get connected!

If you are interested in receiving more information about these resources, please email Meghan Gregory, Assistant Director of New Student Experience at:


Transfer Connection Mission

The purpose of Transfer Connection is to provide transfer students with relevant information and connect them to appropriate resources on campus. Transfer Connection serves to ease the transition to campus for new transfer students and get them connected.

Transfer Connection Vision

As the college’s most active transfer-focused organization, Transfer Connection prepares students to be successful during their time at Ramapo College. We aim to act as a friendly resource and enhance the transfer experience at Ramapo.

Stay Connected

Follow us at @rcnjtransfers so you never miss an important Transfer student related update, event, or activity!