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The Association of Retired Ramapo College Faculty and Staff

The Association of Retired Ramapo College Faculty and Staff welcomes all former Ramapo College employees.

We are an increasingly active organization scheduling events of interest on and off-campus for the Association’s members as a whole and for subgroups of our overall membership sharing common interests. We advocate on behalf of the College’s education mission in the outside community and provide volunteer serves as needed and requested. We inform retirees of the benefits to which they are entitled by virtue of their current status (e.g. access to many on-campus events at no cost or reduced price, parking privileges, an ID card reflective of retirement, etc.) and most especially, of course, we encourage members to renew and deepen social ties.

How To Join

Joining the Association is easy and there is no cost. Simply provide your Ramapo College email to Assistant Vice President David Terdiman,, our official liaison with the College, using the subject line, “Ramapo College Association of Retired Faculty and Staff.” David will then add newly provided information which the Association uses to contact members electronically regarding events and matters of interest or concern. If you do not have a Ramapo email address, you may request one through David and he will arrange it.

Executive Board Members

  • Pam Bischoff
  • Charles Carreras
  • Bea Cronin
  • Teddy Halpern
  • Tom Heed
  • Mitch Kahn
  • Nancy Mackin
  • Sharon Rubin
  • Robby Saiff
  • Donna Singer
  • Mark Singer


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