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Purchasing Card

Section Title:Administrative
Policy Number:612
Policy Name:Purchasing Card
Approval Authority:President’s Cabinet
Responsible Executive:Vice President for Administration and Finance
Responsible Unit:Business Services
Date Adopted:July 29, 2008
Date Revised:September 2013; January 2014, February 9, 2022


Policy Statement

Ramapo College Purchasing Card Policy is established to document and define the methods and limitations of use for the College’s Purchasing Card, which is provided to Ramapo College employees for purchases of business-related goods and services for the College.

Reason for Policy

The intent of this policy is to improve operational efficiencies for low dollar purchases, reduce employee non-travel reimbursements, and lessen the administrative burdens on College Units so they can focus on their strategic initiatives.

To Whom Does the Policy Apply

All Ramapo College employees.

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Purchasing Card Manual


Business Services
(201) 684-7496


Procedures to ensure that proper controls on the purchasing card are in place are detailed in the Purchasing Card Manual.

The Purchasing Card Manual shall include the following subjects:
● Introduction
● Program Overview
● Contact Information
● Definitions
● Roles and Responsibilities
● Eligibility for a Purchasing Card
● Authorized Purchasing Card Use
● Unauthorized Purchasing Card Use
● Vendor Blocking
● Making a Purchase
● Record Keeping
● Erroneous Declines
● Emergency Transactions
● Credits
● Unresolved Disputes and Billing Errors
● Card Security
● Lost or Stolen Purchasing Cards
● Cardholder Transfer/ Separation
● Accounting for Purchases

The Purchasing Card Manual shall be reviewed annually by Business Services and all Purchasing Card Users shall affirm, upon issuance or renewal of a Purchasing Card that they have reviewed the Purchasing Card Manual.