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President’s Discretionary Fund

Section Title:Executive
Policy Number:210
Policy Name:President’s Discretionary Fund
Approval Authority:Board of Trustees
Responsible Executive:Chief of Staff
Responsible Unit:President
Date Adopted:December 9, 1987
Date Revised:February 22, 2010; September 2013; January 25, 2021



The College will provide a discretionary fund per contract to the President on an annual basis of up to $15,000 per year for miscellaneous expenses so long as they adhere to state purchasing regulations. Any change to the amount of the fund will be done in consultation with the Executive/Judicial Committee of the Board of Trustees and, as needed, shall be reflected in future iterations of this policy.

Reason for Policy

Sets forth policy regarding the President’s Discretionary Fund.

To Whom Does The Policy Apply

President of the College.

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