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Off-Campus Programs

Section Title:Administrative
Policy Number:622
Policy Name:Off-Campus Programs
Approval Authority:President’s Cabinet
College Policy Executive:Chief Planning Officer
Responsible Executive:Vice President for Administration and Finance
Responsible Unit:Human Resources
Date Adopted:August 6, 2009
Date Revised:September 2, 2009; September 2013; January 2014



Consistent with and in support of the College’s Mission, employees may be permitted to participate in off-campus programs.

Reason for Policy

Sets forth policy and procedure for participation in off-campus programs by staff. The Policy supports the College’s Mission, principles of the College’s Strategic Plan and provides service and leadership opportunities for staff.

To Whom Does the Policy Apply

Students, faculty and staff

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Human Resources
(201) 684-7506



Consistent with the College’s Mission and in support of the principles of the Strategic Plan “The College provides service and leadership opportunities for students and staff through a combination of internships, field placements, community service, study abroad and cooperative education. These opportunities allow students, faculty and staff to encounter the world beyond the campus.”

In that spirit, the College’s mission is realized by providing opportunities for qualified staff to participate in off-campus programs, including Study Abroad, domestic Off-Campus programs such as “American West,” Alternative Spring Break or other Service Learning programs. Such programs, usually led by Ramapo faculty, are enhanced by the collaboration of faculty and staff from academic and/or administrative units. Further, staff participation ensures adequate supervision of participants, addresses support of gender related needs and overall, reduces institutional liability of off-campus programs. Therefore, the College will permit qualified staff members, based on guidelines and criteria and with approval of the respective supervisor(s), to participate in off-campus programs as part of the employee’s duties.

Selection Process

Opportunities for participation in off-campus programs will be publicized by the Program Director and/or the sponsoring administrative or academic unit, using a variety of media, including posting on the unit’s web page and placing a notice in the Daily Digest. Information will include a full description of the program, a job description detailing the duties and responsibilities of the staff member, and clear expectations for the trip. There will be a formal process established to interview interested applicants and for a selection to be made.

Staff must have approval from their Unit supervisor and Unit Head in order to apply and participate in the trip, as well as the Off-Campus Program Director and Program Unit Head.


Staff must meet the eligibility requirements outlined in the job description. If driving is required, a driver’s license check will be conducted by the People Operations and Employee Resources Department.


Staff who have been approved to participate in an off-campus program by their Unit supervisor, Unit Head, Off-Campus Program Director and Program Unit Head will not need to charge their personal leave balances for the trip. There will be no stipends paid for participation because staff will be in full pay status. Normal expenses will be reimbursed, including travel and meals in accordance with the College’s Travel Policy.

Unclassified, “NL” staff or fixed workweek staff selected to participate in off-campus programs will not earn compensatory time or overtime, respectively, while participating in an off-campus program.

Staff accompanying an off-campus program with no formal job responsibilities for the program, must charge leave balances and would not be eligible for reimbursement of any expenses related to the trip.

Non-Ramapo Faculty, Staff or Students

Non-Ramapo faculty, staff or students accompanying off-campus trips must follow the College’s Volunteer Procedures and complete a Volunteer Form so that appropriate approvals are obtained and necessary background checks conducted.