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Naming of Buildings and Facilities

Section Title:Executive
Policy Number:219
Policy Name:Naming of Buildings and Facilities
Approval Authority:Board of Trustees
College Policy Executive:Chief Planning Officer
Responsible Executive:Board of Trustees
Responsible Unit:Board of Trustees
Date Adopted:April 9, 1986
Date Revised:June 7, 1995, September 24, 2018



The Board of Trustees is responsible for approving the names of buildings, facilities, academic assets, and other places in and out-of-doors on the campus.  The President and/or Vice President for Institutional Advancement is responsible for naming non-academic assets.

Reason for Policy

To set forth policy and procedure for the President, Vice President for Institutional Advancement, the Ramapo College Foundation, and others as may be appropriate, to effectively solicit donations on behalf of the College and to recognize the authority of the Board of Trustees to approve the names of buildings, facilities, and academic assets in honor of individuals, organizations or legal entities in recognition of significant gifts or contributions.

In naming buildings, facilities, and academic assets, Ramapo College seeks to recognize individuals or groups who have made noteworthy contributions to the greater good of the community, region and world. As with all honors, candidates for naming opportunities must exemplify the mission and core values of the College.

To Whom Does The Policy Apply

This policy applies to all spaces and academic assets on the College campus.

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Office of the Vice President for Advancement



The Board of Trustees is responsible for approving the names of buildings, facilities, rooms, academic assets, and other places in and out-of-doors on the campus.

The Mission Fulfillment Committee of the Board of Trustees provides all Trustees with a list of potential donors for named gift recognition, the range of the gift request, potential donor’s relationship to the College, and biographical information.  The Board of Trustees has 10 business days to accept or reject the recommendation.

To establish and maintain standard procedures for consideration of naming opportunities that reflect Ramapo College of New Jersey’s mission and core values and have the potential to affect the College’s public image.

This policy will generally be effective for the useful life of the building, facility, academic asset, or the designated use of the area. If the useful life expires and/or the structure must be replaced or substantially renovated, or the use of an area or academic asset re-designated, it may be named for a new donor, subject to the specific terms and conditions set forth in any gift agreement with the donor related to the prior naming action.

Useful Life: The naming of a building or facility is effective for the useful life of the building or facility so long as it is used for the purpose for which it was used at the time of the gift. Ramapo College may rename the building or facility at the end of the useful life of the building or facility and/or the cessation of the use in effect at the time the Ramapo College Foundation accepted the gift.

Renaming: In the occurrence of a renaming under Useful Life circumstances, the Board of Trustees will provide appropriate recognition of earlier donors or honorees to be included in or adjacent to the replacement or redeveloped building or facility. If the named building or facility has been discontinued or merged into or subsumed into another building or facility, or its mission or character has substantially changed, the Board will consider the establishment of another appropriate way of recognizing the donor or honoree consistent with the original intent.

Revocation: In the extraordinary circumstance that the continued use of the name would adversely affect the image of or compromise the public trust in Ramapo College, the Board of Trustees has the right to rename the building, facility, or academic asset. The naming could be revoked for a major occurrence including but not limited to:

  • The assigned name was considered interim or temporary based on the terms of the gift agreement
  • The agreed terms of the gift agreement has expired
  • The amount agreed to generate the gift associated with the naming is not fulfilled within the established or reestablished time, or the donor has otherwise failed to complete a material obligation to the College
  • Relevant information comes to the College’s attention that materially changes the original circumstances under which the naming was reviewed and approved
  • The named benefactor or honoree is convicted of a crime that would significantly affect the reputation of Ramapo College

In accordance with recognition given under the Naming of Buildings and Facilities Board of Trustees Policy 219, it is understood that neither Ramapo College nor the Ramapo College Foundation shall be liable to the donor, named beneficiary, heir or estate of the donor for the revocation or the gift.

Donor/Named Beneficiary: An individual or entity that makes or pledges to make a philanthropic gift to the College. (A naming gift is usually a substantial monetary donation or gift in-kind for a specific purpose.) A named beneficiary can be an individual, family, foundation, corporation, entity or group for whom the College names a building or facility.

Donor Agreement: A written agreement between the Ramapo College Foundation and a donor to receive a gift and determine the terms of the gift, including naming recognition.

Building and Facility: A building, facility, classroom, center, room, office, courtyard, field, walkway, path or other interior or exterior space that is the real property owned or controlled by Ramapo College of New Jersey. Buildings and facilities are considered a Physical Asset of the College.

Academic Asset: School, academic department, center or institute, endowed deanship or faculty position.

Non-Academic Asset: Endowments for scholarships, programs, centers, institutes, lecture series, special projects; as well as annual donations for a specific scholarships, programs, centers, institutes, lecture series or special projects will be reviewed and approved by the President and/or the Vice President for Institutional Advancement.

This procedure shall be administered by the Ramapo College Foundation and the Vice President for Institutional Advancement. It will be implemented in accordance with the Ramapo College Foundation Gift Acceptance Policy. This procedure will be available on the College and Foundation Websites. It will be referenced in Donor Agreements and/or made available to potential donors.