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Missing Student

Section Title:Administrative
Policy Number:634
Policy Name:Missing Student
Approval Authority:President’s Cabinet
College Policy Executive:Chief Planning Officer
Responsible Executive:Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs
Responsible Unit:Public Safety
Date Adopted:September 27, 2010
Date Revised:September 2013; January 2014



Public Safety has the authority and responsibility to investigate reports of missing students. All reports of a missing student will be referred to the Department of Public Safety. In all cases institutional procedures for locating the student will commence immediately. Due diligence will be performed to ensure the student has not been seen by others on campus or off campus. Emergency contact information is requested of each student and will be maintained in our student system(s). The Department of Public Safety may contact emergency contacts identified by student, local authorities, legal guardians or domestic partners in the course of an investigation as necessary.

Reason for Policy

The intent of the policy is to minimize delays and confusion during an initial investigation of a missing student and to ensure that the resources of the campus, local police, family and friends of the missing are all brought to bear on finding the student.

To Whom Does The Policy Apply

All students. (Resident / Non-Resident)

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Director of Public Safety
(201) 684-7786


To maintain compliance with the Missing Student Notification Policy and Procedures 20 USC 1092 C; (Section 488 of the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008), The Department of Public Safety has the authority and responsibility to investigate reports of missing students.

All reports of missing students shall be directed to the Department of Public Safety, which will conduct an investigation in accordance with the policy and procedure.


The student will be reminded at least once during an academic year to verify their emergency contact information in the student system(s).

Reports of a missing student can be taken by Residence Life staff, Public Safety Officers, or other members of the Campus. In all cases these reports will be referred to Public Safety immediately for follow up and investigation.

The Desk Officer notifies the Director of Public Safety/Chief of a reported missing student. The OCA (OnCall Administrator) notifies the Director of Residence Life, the Associate Vice President(s) in Student Affairs, and the Provost of a reported missing student.

When a student (regardless of resident or non-resident status) is reported “missing” by anyone (friend, relative, roommate or other) to the Department of Public Safety, a Public Safety Officer will attempt to identify the last time the student was seen. In the event a student is under 18 years old and not emancipated, their legal guardian will be contacted. If attempts to contact student are unsuccessful, the College will proceed with the investigation. After initial attempts to locate the student are unsuccessful, the Mahwah Police Department will be notified within 24 hours that the student is missing and all information gathered will be shared with them.