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Honorary Degrees

Section Title:Academic Affairs
Policy Number:316
Policy Name:Honorary Degrees
Approval Authority:Office of the President
College Policy Executive:Chief Planning Officer
Responsible Executive:President
Responsible Unit:Office of the President
Date Adopted:December 14, 1977
Date Revised:December 11, 1985; September 5, 2005; September 2013; January 2014



Ramapo College shall award honorary degrees to individuals who demonstrate those qualities of leadership, service and creative activity which are deemed models of excellence, upon the recommendation of the president and the approval of the board of trustees.

Reason for Policy

To honor individuals who demonstrate qualities of leadership, service and creative activity which are deemed models of excellence.

To Whom Does the Policy Apply

Individuals who demonstrate those qualities of leadership, service, and creative activity which are deemed models of excellence.

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Office of the President
(201) 684-7608



The following criteria shall guide the college community in its efforts to nominate individuals for the award of honorary degrees.

  1. An honorary degree will be bestowed on those individuals whose accomplishments establish standards of excellence for Ramapo College and the larger community.
  2. In its efforts to promote the values of inquiry, tolerance, social good and the welfare of all, Ramapo College shall seek to honor those qualities in individuals nominated for an honorary degree.

Nomination Process:

Nominations shall be invited by the president from all members of the college community. Nominations and all supporting material will be reviewed by the president in consultation with others,.. The president shall present a recommendation to the Academic Affairs and Student Affairs Committee of the Board, who, in turn, will present that nomination to the full Board for its review and action.

Honorary degrees with all the rights and privileges pertaining thereunto shall be awarded at the college’s commencement, honors convocation, or any other occasion deemed appropriate by the president and the board.