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Founders’ Day

Section Title:Executive
Policy Number:225
Policy Name:Founders' Day
Approval Authority:Board of Trustees
Responsible Executive:President
Responsible Unit:Office of the President
Date Adopted:February 12, 1997
Date Revised:June 18, 2007; September 2013; January 2014, April 26, 2021



The Board of Trustees approved the establishment of Founders’ Day as an all-college event celebrating the founding of Ramapo College and honoring those faculty, staff, administrators and trustees as “founders” and “pioneers.” This annual event is jointly managed between the Office of the President and the Student Government Association and may include outreach to the College’s founders, pioneers, and retirees. Founders’ Day will occur in November of each year. The schedule and number of activities for the event may vary depending on the year that is being celebrated. The year is calculated based on 1969, the year Ramapo was established.

Reason for Policy

To acknowledge the founding of Ramapo College, and to honor those faculty, staff, administrators and trustees who established Ramapo College.

To Whom Does the Policy Apply

The community of Ramapo College.

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