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Electronic Signboard

Section Title:Administrative
Policy Number:610
Policy Name:Electronic Signboard
Approval Authority:President's Cabinet
Responsible Unit:Marketing and Communications
Date Adopted:April 17, 2007
Date Revised:October 1, 2016 (Under Review)


The electronic signboard has tremendous potential to display written messages as well as graphic images (such as the Ramapo College logo and the Roadrunner).



The number of listings that can be read while waiting at the traffic light or driving past the sign is limited to four or five.

Campus members may send a sign posting request via email including brief information (the name of the event and/or name of performer/speaker, date, time, location and posting run time schedule) to the Associate Director of Web and Digital Marketing.

The following criteria will be applied in determining listings for posting:

  • be of interest to the external community
  • support community, partnership or other constituency relationships
  • advance the reputation and positive perception of Ramapo College

The possible listings will be reviewed on a weekly basis and, using the criteria above, four to five items will be chosen to be included on the signboard.

In the event of an emergency, the signboard will be used to communicate critical information, requiring the temporary removal of all other postings.