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Contract Authorizations

Section Title:Administration and Finance
Policy Number:404
Policy Name:Contract Authorizations
Approval Authority:Board of Trustees
College Policy Executive:Chief Planning Officer
Responsible Executive:Vice President for Administration and Finance
Responsible Unit:Purchasing
Date Adopted:December 14, 1983
Date Revised:December 1, 2007, July 29, 2008, September 2013, January 2014



The authorization to enter into a contract on behalf of Ramapo College is designated by the Board of Trustees. The President, Provost, Vice President for Administration and Finance, Controller or the Purchasing Director may enter into contracts whose value is below $100,000. The Associate Vice President for Administration and Finance may enter into a contract for construction only up to $100,000. Any binding contract regardless of value must be approved by the Vice President for Administration and Finance. A contract in excess of $100,000 requires the signature of Vice President for Administration and Finance and the President.

Reason for Policy

This policy strengthens financial practices of the College in accordance with internal control standards and State College Contracts Law.

To Whom Does the Policy Apply

All employees of the College

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Director of Purchasing
(201) 684-7496