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Library Renovations Task Force

The Library Renovations Task Force was created in December 2015 by the Faculty Assembly.

The LRTF’s Charge is

  1. to prepare a white paper with detailed quantitative and qualitative data on the current condition of the library
  2. draw comparisons with libraries at competitor institutions
  3. present its recommendations to the Faculty Assembly for approval.

Upon approval by the FA, the proposal will be presented to the President’s Cabinet.


Library Renovations Task Force Members

Each of the five academic schools and the Library will elect a representative and an alternate. (Each school/unit has one vote.) There will also be two student members (primary / alternate) recruited via SGA. Administrators will be consulted on an as-needed basis.

  • ASB: Sridevi Shivarajan, Rick Nunez (alternate)
  • CA: Rebecca Leung, Beba Shamash (alternate)
  • HGS: Roark Atkinson (Chair), Cathy Hajo (alternate)
  • SSHS: Nick Salter, Marta Vides (alternate)
  • TAS: Andrea Centrella-Nigro, Yan Xu (alternate)
  • Library: Leigh Keller, Katie Cohen (alternate)
  • Students: Dave Ermann, Victoria Levering

Supporting documents

Documents provided to Board of Trustees, Jan 12 2016, including a first draft of plans