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The following policies apply to all courses, and the information may also be reproduced on your syllabi.

Semester length

  • Each course has 50 hours of meeting time with an expectation that students spend approximately twice that amount of time outside the classroom (homework assignments, readings, etc.).
    • The Fall/Spring semesters have 15 weeks of class (week 15 is ‘Finals Week’)
    • 4 credit courses can meet either:
      • 1 day a week (3 ½ hrs)
      • 2 days a week (1 hr 40 mins. per class)
      • 3 days per week (1 hr 10 mins. per class)
    • 3 credit courses meet 150 mins. per week
    • Summer session is 5 weeks long with 9 hours of meeting time per week.
    • Online courses should plan to have an equivalent student work-load.
  • The last week (for Fall/Spring) or last class session (Summer) is designated for Final Exams in a single 3.5 hour block; faculty may allocate this time to exams, presentations, or other work at their discretion.


  • There is no College-wide attendance policy. Faculty will specify their attendance policy on their syllabi.
  • Religious Observance Statement:
    • A student who plans to miss one or more class sessions for religious observance, whether the religious holiday is recognized by the State of New Jersey or not, must notify the course instructor as soon as possible but no later than prior to the date of the religious holiday or the 50% refund date of the term in which the student is enrolled in the course (whichever comes first). The course instructor will not penalize the student for the absence and will allow the student to make up any work missed while absent for religious observance. Ultimately, it is the student’s responsibility to complete the work by the dated agreed upon by the instructor and the student.

Electronic Forms of Communication

  • In accordance with College policy, Ramapo College email addresses ( will be used for all email communication between faculty members and students pertaining to course-related matters.
  • Faculty will use Moodle at their discretion.

Policy on Academic Integrity

  • Students are expected to read and understand Ramapo College’s Academic Integrity Policy, which can be found online in the College Catalog ( or on the Provosts website ( Members of the Ramapo College community are expected to be honest and forthright in their academic endeavors.
  • Students who are suspected of violating this policy will be either required to meet with the faculty member (and in the event of a ‘responsible’ finding, reported to the Office of the Provost), or be referred directly to the Office of the Provost, which will adjudicate the matter.
    • If the faculty member adjudicates the matter and the student is found responsible, the incident will be reported to the Office of the Provost. 

Students with Disabilities

  • If you need course adaptation or accommodations because of a disability that has been documented with the Office of Specialized Services, please make an appointment with your professor.

Important Dates

  • See the current Academic Calendar.

Incompletes and Withdrawals

  • Procedures for requesting Incompletes and Withdrawals are detailed in the College Catalog (Academic Policies section, ‘General Info on Grading Systems/Policies).
  • Deadlines are posted in the Academic Calendar.

Writing Intensive Courses

  • Some courses are designated Writing Intensive (WI) or Business Writing (BW); for those courses, the following information also applies:
    • Writing will be integrated into the life of this course. You will receive comments, direction, and support as you work on strengthening your writing skills. Your writing will be evaluated and returned in a timely fashion, allowing you to incorporate my comments into your future work.
    • For help outside the classroom, please see me during my office hours and/or work with a writing tutor in the Center for Reading and Writing, Room: L-211, x7557,