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Data Science

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Amanda Beecher


Current as of June 2021

About the Major

Data Science is new emerging field with a high demand in the employment market. There are many unfilled positions on job boards, particularly in the New Jersey and New York areas.  The Bureau of Labor and Statistics it as among the fastest growing in the next 10 years with over a 25% rate.  Thus, these jobs are going unfilled currently and there will be need for more in the future.  So, a degree in Data Science prepares you for these positions.

Ramapo College offers a three-featured program with a core set of classes, a disciplinary minor (or double major), and a capstone research project.  The core classes are designed for students to learn the technical skills necessary for data analysis, including statistics, computer programming, ethics, data visualization, communications, and data analysis.  The project-based curriculum exemplifies how and why the disciplinary knowledge is so critical in converting data into information.  Each student selects a required minor or double major to learn much deeper and more broadly the background information necessary to be an effective data scientist. The culminating experience of this program is a capstone project in which the students produces a solution to a data related problem from their minor (or double major) field of study. This structure best prepares students for either graduate school or employment. 

Outcomes for the Major

Learning Goals/Outcomes for the program

Goal 1: Develop problem solvers

Outcome 1: Students will demonstrate the ability to solve data-related problems.

Goal 2: Develop effective communicators

Outcome 2: Students will communicate data findings effectively to any audience, orally, visually and in written formats. 

Goal 3: Develop ethical and technically proficient professionals

Outcome 3: Students will demonstrate an understanding of ethical aspects of data management and reporting.

Outcome 4: Students will perform basic technical skills to prepare data for analysis.

Outcome 5: Students will appropriately formulate and use data analyses through computing, programming, statistical, and mathematical tools.

Goal 4: Develop effective interdisciplinary team members

Outcome 6: Students will apply data analytic techniques to applications in another discipline

Requirements of the Major
  1. Transfer students who have 48 or more credits accepted at the time of transfer are waived from the courses marked with a (W) below.  Waivers do not apply to Major Requirements.
  2. Double counting between General Education and Major may be possible.  Check with your advisor to see if any apply.
  3. Writing Intensive Requirement (five courses):  two writing intensive courses in the general education curriculum are required: Critical Reading and Writing II and Studies in the Arts and Humanities the other three courses are taken in the major.
  4. Not all courses are offered each semester.  Please check the current Schedule of classes for semester course offerings.
  5. All students are required to declare and complete a minor or a second major to successfully graduate from the program.
  6. At least half of the courses fulfilling a minor (or double major) must be distinct from the student’s major. That is, three of the five courses required for a minor are not used towards fulfillment of major requirements. A school core does not need to be completed for a minor.
  7. The Career Pathways Program requirements must be completed prior to graduation. Visit the Cahill Career Center.

For more information, please contact Professor Amanda Beecher, Convener, Data Science, Room G-128H, (201) 684-7159 or

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