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G-Wing Renovation / Adler Center Addition

The college’s academic building commonly known as G-Wing was constructed in 1975. The four-story facility provides laboratories and classrooms for the School of Theoretical and Applied Science’s (TAS) programs in Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Environmental Science, Computer Science and in Biochemistry. TAS enrolls as declared science majors 24% of the college’s full-time students. Its educational programs are distinguished by the high quality of instruction and joint faculty/student research projects.

The college’s School of Social Sciences and Human Services, with 54 full-time faculty and 1400 students, also occupies the building. Among SSHS’s offerings are programs in Social Work, Psychology and Teacher Education, noted for their academic excellence and regional and national accreditations. Most recently, SSHS has attracted a significant number of faculty members engaged in federally-funded research in the social and behavioral sciences who are in need of state-of-the-art facilities not available in the G-Wing at the moment.

Due to its age and intensive use over the years, G-Wing is outdated and maladaptive for modern research and teaching. Its construction is primarily of demountable metal partitions, and the laboratories and support spaces lack proper HVAC, lighting and power. The old air handling system needs to be updated or replaced as do mal- or non-functioning fume hoods.

On October 4, 2010, the Board of Trustees approved a major upgrade of the existing building and an addition (designated the Adler Center for Nursing Excellence) that will enable the college to respond to high student demand and deliver increasingly complex and diverse science and social science curricula in an environment that conforms to modern standards for space, equipment and health and safety. Following a lengthy and thorough process, the Administration engaged the preeminent firm Mitchell/Giurgola Architects to confirm present and planned future academic programs for TAS and SSHS; prepare schematic, design development and construction plans and specifications for G-Wing’s renovation and addition; and oversee construction through commissioning and close-out. The college is a signatory to the American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment, and has directed that design for renovations and new construction adhere to the U.S. Green Buildings Council’s standard for a LEED Silver, or better, rating. The renovations to G-Wing will include a student/faculty biology suite to be financed by a $1.587 million National Science Foundation grant.

Based on the approved program report, the design team and construction manager held a number of schematic design meetings with the deans and faculty of the Schools of Theoretical and Applied Science and Social Science and Human Services to further develop the final floor plans. The schematic floor plan for the G-Wing reflects the following layout:

  1. Floor 4 – Both TAS and SSHS faculty/student research labs; TAS faculty offices.
  2. Floor 3 – Chemistry/Biology wet labs; TAS faculty offices.
  3. Floor 2 – SSHS labs and SSHS faculty offices.
  4. Floor 1 – Physical Sciences and TAS faculty offices.

The project architects have submitted final plans and specifications to the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs for code review. The college is soliciting bids for the demolition of the third and fourth floors of G-Wing; demolition will start in the beginning of August 2012. Also ongoing is the installation of temporary trailers for classrooms and offices.

Renovation of G-Wing and construction of the Adler Center will commence in September 2012. The project schedule reflects completion of the third and fourth floors of G-Wing and the Adler Center by the end of December 2013, and completion of renovations of the first and second floors of G-Wing by the end of December 2014.

Architecture/Engineering: Mitchell/Giurgola Architects LLP, New York, New York

Construction Manager/Cost Estimate: Cambridge Construction Management, Somerville, New Jersey