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Ramapo's Accelerated MBA Program is Designed for Today's Job Market

Last summer, the Labor Department reported that Baby Boomers held 11.5 jobs on average over their professional careers — half of them occurring after age 25. While that number is startling, the average could be even higher for the current generation of workers.

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The fast-paced hyper-connected world has accelerated corporate life cycles and raised the stakes for knowledge workers. In a competitive global economy, learning to be an innovative leader can give dedicated professionals an advantage–enabling success in this ever-changing job market.

At Ramapo College, the accelerated 20-month MBA curriculum emphasizes the skills required for success in today’s hyper-competitive world; where hierarchical structures are replaced by flat organizations; where 24/7 operations are replacing periodic reporting systems; a world where the instant delivery of knowledge expands the horizons of senior managers and allows younger professionals to gain responsibility much earlier in their careers.

Responsible Leadership, Critical Thinking, International Management & Lasting Value are the fundamental pillars of Ramapo’s accelerated MBA program. Combined with a cohort class structure, hybrid-delivery, hands-on seminars, and professional coaching, Ramapo delivers the best of a full-time MBA program in a part-time accelerated format.

The one common trait among today’s working professionals is the absence of free time. Students can’t afford to pause their careers to attend full-time MBA programs and they are mindful that traditional part-time MBA programs can take up to five years to complete. Recognizing the importance of balancing work and family, Ramapo utilizes hybrid learning where one-third of the curriculum is delivered online.

In a competitive global environment, successful business leaders need critical thinking skills to deal with the inevitable ethical and moral challenges imposed by an increasing the complex marketplace. Nearly 25 percent of the curriculum is dedicated to teaching the leadership techniques necessary for the 21st century. The aftermath of two market bubbles over the last 12 years has brought greater scrutiny and corporate oversight. Add an unending amount of government regulations and you can understand why responsible leadership and critical thinking are necessary skills for today’s managers.

Thanks to the Internet and increasingly connected markets, a majority of new business ventures begin life with an international footprint. It’s nearly impossible to operate a business today without knowledge of the cultural and operating differences of global markets. Each month brings news of another cross-border merger, further blurring the lines among domestic boundaries. In addition to Ramapo’s internationally focused curriculum, students spend a week in China receiving a behind-the-scenes look at business in the world’s most populous economy.

With the competitive marketplace, Ramapo’s program is designed to focus on more than academics; career coaches will mentor and provide students with that competitive edge to move them forward.

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