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Veterans and Military Families Success Team

Veterans at Ramapo College

As you begin your journey and return to college to earn your degree, wear your graduation robe, celebrate your accomplishments in our time-honored tradition of Arching, and toss your cap in the air at Commencement, know that you have the support you need from everyone at Ramapo College. Our Veterans and Military Families Success Team is here to assist you every step of the way. It is our honor to support you in your academic and personal endeavors and help you achieve your goals.

Contact Information

Application and Admissions Process

Anthony Dovi, Director of Admissions
Phone: 201-684-7305
Office: McBride House

GI Bill Education Benefits – Certifying Officer – Financial Aid

Gina Toriello, VA Certifying Official
Phone: 201-684-7252
Office: E-209

Choosing A Major – Academic Advising, Orientation, and Course Guidance

Nicole Pedoto, Transfer Advisor
Phone: 201-684-7572
Office: E211

Meghan Gregory, Coordinator of New Student Experience
Phone: 201-684-7517
Office: D210

Center for Reading and Writing – Tutoring Services

Ramon Reyes, Developmental Writing Specialist
Phone: 201-684-7559
Office: L-211B

Susan Auger, Reading Specialist, Program Coordinator
Phone: 201 684-7118
Office: LC-423


Stephanie L. Barlow, Associate Director of Residence Life
Phone: 201-684-7119
Office: C-213

Counseling, with Training in Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Tal Yonai, Ph.D., Associate Director
Counseling Services
Phone: 201-684-7522
Office: D-216

Specialized Services Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Barbara Stienstra, Specialized Services Coordinator
Phone: 201-684-7686

Student Affairs

Melissa Van Der Wall, Dean of Students
Phone: 201-684-7457
Office: C 212

Public Safety

Sharon McLaurin, Chief
Phone: 201-684-7432
Office: C-102

Athletics, Intramurals, Club Teams

Jan Koslowsky, Interim Director of Athletics
Phone: 201-684-6242
Office: Q-234

Questions about Course Registration

Beth Foster, Associate Registrar
Phone: 201-684-7324

Career Advisement, Résumé Critique, Graduate School Advisement

Cahill Career Center
Phone: 201-684-7444
Office: C-209

Graduation Applications

Phone: 201-684-7520
Office: D-224

Tuition/Fees, Payment Plan, Tuition Assistance, Business Services

Barbara Smith, Asst. Director Student Accounts
Phone: 201 684-7484
Office: D120

Veterans Student Organization, Club

Jason Vaccarella, President, VSO of RCNJ
Office: E-211

Other Good Resources for Transitioning Veterans

Other resources intended to help veterans transition to civilian life after service.