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Stephen Sorace

Co-Ops: Fox Business Network Intern, Summer ’12

As an intern at Fox I worked with the Web Team whose responsibilities are to maintain and create content for the Fox Business Network website. My tasks included updating parts of the site with new articles and videos, editing clips from the television broadcast, coming up with headlines and even writing my own material. At first, I thought I was in over my head since I was not well versed in business or journalism, but I quickly found myself becoming familiar with it all thanks to the patience and advice of the awesome people on the Web Team. Since I was only an intern, I was not expecting to write much, but I found myself writing more and more with each passing week. My writing ranged from short business briefs to a full article, all published on the Fox Business Network website. I also attended an Intern Seminar Series where I met producers, writers and anchors from the network. They spoke about their roots, how they got to their current positions and answered questions from the interns. My summer at Fox Business Network gave me a taste of what it would be like to write professionally, from forming ideas and finding sources to managing deadlines. I can definitely say that thanks to this experience I am more prepared for my future, whatever it may hold.