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Sarah Costello

Sarah Costello ’09 is Director of Development at NY/NJ Baykeeper, a leading environmental nonprofit organization focused on water quality issues. At Ramapo, Sarah majored in History and Political Science, and developed a passion for social justice through the internships she held, with the American Cancer Society and at the Women’s Center at Ramapo. After graduation, she pursued a Master of Public Administration degree with a focus in Nonprofit Management at Seton Hall University. “Coming into college, I was quite unsure what I wanted to do in the future. Neither of my parents had gone to college and they were skeptical of any majors that didn’t directly funnel into a specific career. I am so grateful for the liberal arts curriculum at Ramapo because it helped me to find my passion: working with nonprofit organizations to further their missions through resource development. My History major specifically taught me how to think critically, analyze all available data to build a well-developed conclusion and opened my eyes to issues and injustices in the world around me that I had never considered previously. Additionally, the writing skills I developed in my studies at Ramapo have been advantageous to my career and continually help me to create dynamic, engaged written proposals for grant funding.”