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Success Stories

Nisha Srishan

Nisha's headshot

“Ramapo’s graduate program in data science has opened a door to entirely new experiences. When I first learned about the new Master of Science in Data Science program, I was anxious to apply. At that point, I had been a teacher for about five years, and starting in a new field seemed both scary and exciting. Entering my first night of classes (virtually) in September of 2020, I knew that this program was the right fit for me. My classes consisted of a variety of students of all different educational and career backgrounds. It was relieving to see such a mix of students in one WebEx room. The professors at Ramapo welcomed us all with open arms from day one. Their continued guidance throughout the program cannot be topped. With their endless support, I have successfully acquired the necessary skills that I hope to use in my future career in data science.” – Nisha Srishan ’22 is graduating with a Master of Science in Data Science. She earned her Bachelor’s in Applied Mathematical Sciences from the University of Connecticut.