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Nicholas Gramuglia

Nicholas Gramuglia headshot

“My education gave me an insight into how my profession works along with the variety of tech platforms I’d be utilizing on a daily basis.

Every professor I had at RCNJ made an impact on my career! Pursuing a double major allowed me to interact with a wide variety of professors, all of whom made a huge impact on my college education and also my career. Most notably, Professors Ruma Sen and Marc Gidal stood out to me the most during my time at Ramapo. Both being experts in their respective fields of Global Communications/Marketing and Music Production, they really solidified my desire to learn as much as possible in those areas of study. Understanding how to best reach a desired audience and with what style of content they would best gravitate towards made me fall in love with all aspects of marketing.

In addition to my college education, the other crucial ingredient to my success has been my desire to keep on pushing the bar every day at my job. It allowed me to spearhead and truly own multiple projects such as lead generation on Google Ads and social media, implementing HTML5 ads, etc. As long as you stay hungry for knowledge and want to learn then the sky is the limit.” – Nicholas Gramuglia ’19 graduated as a double major in Global Communications & Media and Music Production. He is the Senior Digital Marketing Specialist at Terrie O’Connor Realtors and was recently named a Leader in Digital Technology for 2023 by NJBIZ