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Michael Samlall

“I have come a very, very long way since my freshman year of college. My involvement on campus began when I became a member of the student advisory board for the Dean of ASB and an executive board member for the College Honors Program. I later became the Peer Facilitator of the Honors Program as well and have remained in all of those positions for the past four years. I also served as a Resident Assistant on campus and have completed two corporate internships with UBS Financial Services and Dow Jones & Company.

The best experience I have had at college has been getting to know my peers and the faculty at Ramapo College. They helped me become who I am. In return, I have mentored freshman students every year with the same message: “Everything that happens comes from your own resolve and it is what you do with it and how far you go that really matters. It’s all about how much you can endure and how long you can persevere. So make sure your will is stronger than anything.” – Michael Samlall ’15 is an Associate Account Manager at Cammack Retirement Group.

Ramapo College – China: Business Immersion Experience – Culture, Business & Economics (Spring Break)