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Marisa Piwowarski

Headshot of Marisa Piwowarski against a white wall

“When I was a student, I learned through textbooks that accounting is the language of business. When I was an intern at a tax firm, I discovered that you learn the technical skills through experiencing the work firsthand. I also learned that the field of accounting is more than numbers in a spreadsheet—to write, communicate, and advise are all skills that benefit from a stronger background in literacy.
As such, a minor in literature allowed me to better interpret and analyze patterns in poetry class; how to develop and support arguments in Shakespeare classes; and how to read and write more critically in my American literature class—all of which have had an impact in my professional career.
My daily responsibilities are similar to those skills I had performed in my literature classes, but now on a business level—I interpret and analyze data for others to understand, develop and support arguments through test work to advise others, and occasionally assist in writing and revising reports. I strongly believe that having my background in both accounting and literature is an advantage that allows me to perform more efficiently and effectively in my career.
I currently work for a Fortune 500 company in the medical products, equipment, and technology industry and recently passed all four parts of the CPA exam. As an internal auditor, I frequently travel domestically and internationally, experiencing the world in a way I never imagined possible. In doing so, I am constantly defying the “boring accountant” stigma and strengthening my belief through my experiences that a well-rounded education can help students find success in a variety of fields that may not always be considered mutually exclusive.” – Marisa Piwowarski ’16 graduated with a Bachelor’s in Accounting and a minor in Literature.