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Margaret Tsai

Ramapo Success Story

“I studied the language and culture of Barcelona during the summer of 2012. I chose to go to Spain for various reasons but I mostly wanted to learn another language. I had previously studied the language in high school but traveling to Barcelona fully immersed me into the culture. I have even adjusted my schedule at Ramapo to take more Spanish classes in order to further learn the language. Studying abroad has given me so many memories and I’ve created so many friends that I am still in contact with. We experienced so much: taking an overnight train to Madrid, traveling to northern Spain to celebrate my birthday, visiting Camp Nou (the soccer stadium of Barcelona F.C.) and Spain winning Euro 2012 soccer tournament. Having to be independent, learning life skills and having incredible opportunities made the trip is all worthwhile. I have a new love for traveling and a new found appreciation for art and the culture of this wonderful country.” – Margaret Tsai ’15 graduated with a bachelor of science in Biology with the Physical Therapy track program.

Arcadia – Arcadia in Barcelona – Barcelona, Spain