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Success Stories

Kristen Moledo

“With engaging professors who made me feel individually valued, the Ramapo environment was the best fit for my learning style. I majored in Literature with a Creative Writing concentration and learned an incredible amount of information that shaped my education and character. My education was incredibly well-rounded. I experienced class environments that always promoted conversation. We learned to articulate our thoughts and to disagree respectfully with our peers and even our professors, which I found to be refreshing. The ability to communicate effectively has been a useful skill in my life and career. Ed Shannon, Monika Giacoppe, Lisa Williams and James Hoch were instrumental professors. With the Cahill Center’s help and professor recommendations, I secured a job three months after graduation. I currently work at John Wiley & Sons on the project management side in the Production of Global Education products with a focus on digital.” – Kristen Moledo ’11