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Kimberly Lanholm

Ramapo Success Story

“The opportunity to travel to Ghana opened up a world of possibilities to me. Through interaction and treatment of the patients in the hospitals and villages we traveled to, I discovered that compassion and care can cross cultural boundaries. I worked in both trauma and maternity specialized areas in the hospitals where we did clinical rotations, and expanded my nursing skill set by giving vaccinations, observing Cesarean section and vaginal births, taking blood pressure, performing urinalysis tests, charting patients’ vital signs, weighing babies, and listening to fetal hearts. In addition to the educational advantages that this experience granted me, it also inspired a new desire to travel to poverty-stricken places and provide healthcare where it is not as accessible or affordable. This study abroad trip to Africa was the most rewarding opportunity I have ever had and the smiling faces of the Ghanaian people that entered my life inspire me every day to become the best nurse I can be.” – Kimberly Lanholm ’20 graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. While at Ramapo, Kimberly was involved on campus with the Nursing Student Organization (Treasurer), the Rock Climbing Club/Team (Vice President), as a Peer Facilitator, and was a Ramapo Admissions Student Ambassador.

Ramapo College – Ghana: Public Health in West Africa (Summer)