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Kate Conover

Ramapo Success Story

“When I entered my first class at Ramapo, I was afraid I wouldn’t make it in college. I went through some very difficult personal experiences and my self-esteem felt like it was at an all-time low. But I was blessed with professors who saw my potential and took the time to nurture it. I finished my studies in three-and-a-half years with a 3.87 GPA and by the time I graduated, I was ready to take on the world. I soon discovered I would need all that strength in the years to come. Despite several very serious health and medical issues, I managed to continue to work and support myself. I was so proud that I found the courage to survive and remain ever-grateful to my friends at Ramapo. Being at Ramapo College changed my life and I treasure the time I spent there.” – Kate Conover ’87 graduated with a degree in Written Communication and a minor in International Studies. During her time at Ramapo, Kate was a two-time recipient of The Fred & Florence Thomas Scholarship, served as editor and contributor to The Ramapo News, was a Student Representative for the School of Contemporary Arts and worked part-time in the Office of Specialized Services. She is a single mother of three and has worked as a real estate broker for almost 30 years.