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Joselyn Chavez

Ramapo Success Story

“I studied abroad in Bangalore, India for the 2015 spring semester. Ramapo College’s faculty-led South India Program was honestly the best program I could have chosen. Spending my spring semester in Bangalore was truly an amazing experience. Learning about a different culture through books is different from actually experiencing it. Living in a tremendously different environment, such as India, changed my worldview, opened my eyes to a new culture and definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone. I can honestly say my semester in India changed the person I am and helped me grow. Studying abroad is an experience you can’t understand until you’ve done it. It truly does affect the way you see the world and treat those around you.” – Joselyn Chavez ‘16 graduated with a degree in Law and Society major and a minor in Criminology.

Ramapo College – India: Development and Sustainability – Bangalore, India