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John Fraze

John Fraze

Literature is by far the finest major available at Ramapo College of New Jersey.

John Fraze graduated Ramapo in 2011 with classmates ranging in majors from chemistry to communications. Those classmates had been focused on their careers likely since childhood or at least since their parents told them what they’d be when they grew up. However, only the literature major could have provided John with the skills needed to survive in the working world. Others in the major chose teaching at the primary or secondary level or even went on to graduate school. John jumped out into the pond of the post-grad world without much of an idea as to what to do but rather a set of invaluable skills: Analysis, critical thinking and the ability to pay attention.

Now, they do tell you this in high school and college: the literature major teaches critical thinking, etc, etc, etc. It’s very true. The literature major and all of the fine educators in the department can teach something a person can carry to any career, something they may not be able to get elsewhere: the ability to think. This is quite possibly the finest skill that can get you ahead in any situation.

In 2014, three years after graduation, John can be found in the internet marketing atmosphere serving ads online with a bit of agita and cognitive dissonance. The profession of internet advertising requires a palate of critical thinking and analysis tasks that may be unfound by students missing the mentoromg of the fine professors in the literature department of Ramapo College.

To break the tense and possibly the fourth wall, I can without a doubt say that I wouldn’t be half the person I am today without the knowledge I gained in my literature (and philosophy) studies. I was able to partake in an intensely creative and free four years with the folks of the lit department and focus the skills I gained into a career in an interesting and ever-evolving industry.

Internet marketing isn’t exactly as complicated as Ulysses. Neither is it in any way similar to the car selling beginnings of Kurt Vonnegut. At the end of the day, though, it’s exciting and engaging.

Since I’m not too sure how to end, I’ll quote one of the other guys in the Literature Alumni section: “…If someone asks if you have a particular skill, say ‘yes.’ Even if you don’t, you can probably fake your way until you have time to learn it.”