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JM Burr

JM Burr

Reverend JM Burr has been traveling extensively in Dublin, Ireland since graduating from Ramapo. In the intervening time he has been married, divorced, hired, fired, beaten up, thrown up on, and various other activities not for mention on a webpage that may have impressionable young people looking at it. He graduated in 2002 from Ramapo with a Magna Cum Laude degree in Literature and has been devouring the written word ever since. Says he, “it plays merry hell with my digestion, but damn it tastes great!”

Currently working in the drugs treatment field in the daytime and crafting a type of music which he calls in the night, he spends his spare time avoiding air travel, collecting and building musical instruments and reading various works of macabre fiction. He has not been back to the United States since 2006 due to a small issue with student loans, and has never filed an income tax return. If you are looking for him, he doesn’t exist.

Learn about JM’s work in drug treatment with the Ana Liffey Drug Project

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