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Jennifer Finaldi

Ramapo Success Story

“I have been working at Stryker Orthopaedics since I graduated from Ramapo with my undergraduate degree in 2009. Stryker is a very dynamic company and offers plenty of internal mobility to employees. I have had the great opportunity to work in various departments including compliance, information technology and medical education.

I loved doing my undergraduate studies at Ramapo. The small classroom setting and knowledgeable faculty made for an awesome experience. When I started looking into going back for my master’s, I checked out other schools [Montclair State and William Paterson University]. I work in Mahwah and I live in Clifton, N.J., so I wanted schools that were within a reasonable driving distance. Neither school offered an accelerated MBA program or any graduate programs that would truly help a student develop both technical skills and emotional intelligence/leadership skills.

It became clear to me that Ramapo was again the right choice for me. The cohort program is structured really well and offers a variety of courses to provide students with stronger leadership skills. The China trip is also a huge draw for students. It is one thing to talk about international business, but to have the opportunity to travel internationally really takes the learning to the next level. The final capstone project, though it will be lot of work, is also very enticing for students. I’m so excited about how Ramapo is engaging their graduate students and providing an outstanding accelerated cohort program for working professionals. I am looking forward to two very successful years back at Ramapo to obtain my master’s in business administration.” Jennifer Finaldi ’09, ’18 received her Bachelor’s in Music with a concentration in Music Industry and her MBA from Ramapo.