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Jake Gursaly

Jake Gursaly headshot

“Joining the 4+1 MASE program at Ramapo College is one of the best decisions an aspiring educator can make as an undergraduate student. The number one reason why someone should join is because of the people that run the program. From the second I walked onto campus as a confused transfer student, I had advisors almost jumping at me because they were so eager to help. Both the director of the program, Dr. Julie Norflus-Good, and all of the professors are so knowledgable, understanding, and beyond supportive. Everyone associated with the program has tons of experience and can help anyone build countless connections in the education field. Also, the amount of valuable and relevant information about special education that students are exposed to is substantial. Being a student in this program provides you with experience working with students with disabilities, specific teaching strategies for multiple subjects, resources that are available to you, and realistic advice for how to deal with specific situations.

Additionally, students are given interview advice, such as how to build a resume that will stand out, give strong answers to common questions, and even advice on the proper attire to wear during interviews! Personally, meeting Dr. Good and joining this program completely changed my life and was the main reason I was able to get a job where I teach what I want, where I want.” – Jake Gursaly ’21 ’22 graduated with a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education and his Master’s of Arts in Special Education. As an undergrad, Jake received the Elementary Education Academic Achievement Award. He is currently a special education teacher in Valley Middle School in Oakland, NJ.